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What Others Are Saying

"Jason is one of the most outstanding speakers in the country. He has a strong delivery, a great story and an inspiring message."
- David Checketts
CEO Madison Square Garden 1991-2001

"I have never seen a stronger delivery. The audience wanted to embrace Jason. He deserved every one of the multiple standing ovations he received."
- Michelle Hoesley
Past Director Main Platform, Million Dollar Round Table

"He has the unique gift of touching others at their very core."
- Robert Castiglione
President, LEAP Systems

"Jason was spectacular. The principles he taught changed the way our people looked at their lives and will change their performance in the workplace. A home run!"
- Kurt Schneiber
Executive Director, Citibank

"Jason’s message is definitely in my top ten list. He made me laugh and made tears come to my eyes, but most of all he touched my heart."
- Randy Tate

"At the end of the day we all hope that we can live with some portion of the strength and “Champion” attitude Jason conveys."
- Tony Fenton

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