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Jason Hall has improved the efficiency of companies and individuals across the nation and around the world.

Jason’s adversities have given him a PhD in life. Becoming a quadriplegic and overcoming a second life-threatening accident has taught Jason a great deal of what it means to persevere and overcome. He has learned that something triumphant occurs when we become our best selves in spite of circumstance. He has learned what it means to be a champion inside.

Jason was born in Boise, Idaho, raised in a home where he was taught principles that would prove crucial in his young life. At fifteen years old, a diving accident caused him to become paralyzed from the chest down. Jason was told that he would never live away from home, never attend college, never marry, and never be able to provide for himself or his family.

However, through his own tenacity and lust for life, Jason overcame his disability. He graduated high school and entered Brigham Young University. There, as a senior on a full-tuition scholarship, Jason was elected Student Body President of BYU—the nation’s largest private university with over 22,000 students.

Upon graduation, Jason was recruited for a position at Mutual of New York as an insurance and investment planner. Jason excelled in this field and in his first months became one of the youngest members of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)—establishing himself as a part of the top five percent of those in his profession. That same year, Jason again made history when he became one of the youngest members to present on the Main Platform at MDRT—one of the most prestigious platforms in the world.

Then in November of 1997, en route to see a client, Jason again found his life threatened. This time in an automobile accident that nearly took his life and again placed him on the harrowing journey back to health. He was hospitalized for over a year, followed by an excess of six years of therapy, over twenty surgeries and multiple hospitalizations.

Jason uses his unbelievable life experience, your personal needs, and individual corporate goals, to motivate people to be better. Better personally, emotionally, and corporately.

Simply, Jason changes lives. He is a published author who, in over two thousand presentations has never failed to receive a standing ovation. As his presentation brings your group to their feet you will feel the impact he has had in their lives and this impact make your meeting unique and unforgettable.

He has gone on to teach these same principles to over 2,000 groups all over America, from Hawaii to Puerto Rico, as well as Europe and Canada.

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